Are you attending EGU 24? We are excited to announce that ISMN will be actively participating in the EGU General Assembly in Vienna from April 15th to 19th, 2024. Explore our agenda at the conference to delve into our latest research advancements and ongoing initiatives within the ISMN:


Poster presentation (On-Site)

“Potential of Deep Learning based quality control methods for soil moisture time series in an operational data service”

Presented by: Wolfgang Korres, Tunde Olarinoye, Fay Boehmer, Kasjen Kramer, Stephan Dietrich, Marcel Reinhardt, and Matthias Zink

Monday, April 15th, 2024, 10:45-12:30 (CEST), Hall A | Poster no. A.57


Oral presentation (On-Site)

“The International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN): providing a permanent service for earth system sciences”

Presented by: Matthias Zink, Fay Boehmer, Wolfgang Korres, Kasjen Kramer, Stephan Dietrich, and Tunde Olarinoye

Monday, April 15th, 2024, 14:40-14:50 (CEST), Room 0.49/50


Splinter meeting (On-Site)

“In situ soil moisture: What are the errors sources, and how can we derive a traceable uncertainty budget?”

Convened by: Irene Himmelbauer, Francois Gibon, Raffaele Crapolicchio, Miroslav Zboril, and Matthias Zink

Thursday, April 18th, 2024, 14:00-15:45 (CEST), Room 2.83


We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!


The Russian network "Ru_CFR" has been updated for the year of 2023. Unfortunately, there is no data for air temperature sensor at 1 m Height  at the Ru-Fyo station because the sensor is broken.

Many thanks to Andrej Varlagin for providing us with data and information.

We are very delighted to announce that we updated SoilSCAPE within the ISMN.

In the past, soil moisture data from several SoilSCAPE sites have already been available through the ISMN.

In the last few years, the SoilSCAPE team have installed eight new sites, two are located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, USA, three are located at Jornada Experimental Range in New Mexico, USA and finally, three are located in the north island of New Zealand.
Additionally, the sites Kendall and Lucky Hills in Walnut Gulch, Arizona, which are already part of ISMN have been revived.

For most of the sites soil moisture and soil temperature is measured in 5, 10, 20 and 30 cm depths. Additionally, air temperature and precipitation is provided.
For the new installed sites the data availability ranges from Dezember 2021 until end of February 2024. The network will be set up for our daily data updates soon.

We would kindly thank Erik Hodges, Mahta Moghaddam, Amer Melebari, Michael Wheater and the SoilSCAPE network team for providing us with the data and all the relevant information for the implementation!  

The French network "FR_Aqui" has been updated for the year of 2023. Unfortunately there is no data for the two stations GrandCal and Fraye as they burned down in 2022. Good news is that the two stations are now being reinstalled and we can expect data updates for the the year 2024.
For the parcMeteo station, almost 6 months of data are missing (from January to June), unfortunately there have been instrument issues, but this is now fixed.

We also have had to correct the measuring depths for the parcMeteo station. Before soil moisture and temperature have been measured in 1, 3, 10 and 50 cm. But this changed in the beginning of 2013. Since then the sensors are installed in 5, 10, 25 and 50 cm. Please note that therefore the whole timespan of the parcMeteo station has been reprocessed.