The data update for LABFLUX network located in the north of Italy is now available until March 2024.

Data can now be downloaded here.

Many thanks to Davide Gisolo, Canone Davide, Ferrari Stefano, Alessio Gentile and Previati Maurizio for providing us with the data update and other relevant information!

The French network "SMOSMANIA" has been updated for the year of 2023. Data can now be downloaded in our data portal.
We would like to kindly thank Jean-Christophe Calvet for providing us with the data and information!

We're excited to announce that a new station (Ararimu_2605) for the network SOILSCAPE located in New Zealand has been added to the ISMN! The station has been providing soil moisture and soil temperature measurements at various depths since August 2022 to the present day and is now being updated on a daily basis. Additionally, the station offers on-site measurements of precipitation and air temperature.

We would like to thank the SoilSCAPE network team for providing us with the data!