New ISMN Data Viewer

The ISMN Data viewer is a tool that can be used for viewing and downloading in-situ data. To view the data, press "Data Access" button on the left side of the page. User registration is not necessary for viewing the data. The data viewer embeds Open Street Map, an open-source and freely available service, which offers the user a map-based selection tool to view and download the available data. By clicking on the markers, the user obtains a summary of important metadata about the networks or stations, respectively, depending on the zoom level. 


More options (new)

The dataviewer allows you to filter data based on sensor depth, Koeppen Geiger climate class (KG Rubel 2017) and Lancover type (CCI 2010). Please note that by default only "soil moisture" data is downloaded, if you would like additional variables, you can add them in the "more options" menu. Markers and Soil moisture count are updated in real time when the filter options are adjusted. 

Complete archive download (new)

You can download the complete archive without having to wait for the data collection by clicking on the "complete archive" button in the sidebar. This zip file contains the complete time range (1950 - today) and all variables. The size of the zip file is ~4.4GB, while if extracted its around 37GB. You can access the data with or without unzipping it using the ISMN python reader ( An example on how you can access the data using the reader can be found here.

Your Requests (new)

You can view and download your recently requested files here, which will be stored for 20 days.