Country Italy
    Stations 12
    Organisation National Research Council of Italy, Institute for Agricultural and Earthmoving Machines
    Contacts Marcella Biddoccu
    Official References

    Capello, G., Biddoccu, M., Ferraris, S. & Cavallo, E. (2019), ‘Effects of tractor passes on hydrological and soil erosion processes in tilled and grassed vineyards’, Water 11(10), 2118.,;

    Raffelli, G., Id, M., Previati, M., Id, D., Canone, D., Gisolo, D., Bevilacqua, I., Capello, G., Biddoccu, M., Cavallo, E., Id, R., Deiana, R., Id, G., Cassiani, G. & Ferraris, S. (2018), ‘Local-and plot-scale measurements of soil moisture: Time and spatially resolved field techniques in plain, hill and mountain sites’, Water 9.,;

    Marcella Biddoccu, Stefano Ferraris, Francesca Opsi, Eugenio Cavallo. Long-term monitoring of soil management effects on runoff and soil erosion in sloping vineyards in Alto Monferrato (North–West Italy). Soil and Tillage Research, Volume 155, 2016, Pages 176-189, ISSN 0167-1987,;

    Variables measured soil moisture
    soil temperature
    Depths of soil moisture measurements 0.10 - 0.10 m
    Soil Moisture sensors used 5TM
    Data availability from 2011-08-23 to 2015-12-03

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