Country Spain
    Stations 2
    Organisation Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia (IPE-CSIC)
    Contacts Jesús Julio Camarero
    Website no link available
    Official References

    Alday, J. G., Camarero, J. J., Revilla, J. & Dios, V. R. (2020), ‘Similar diurnal, seasonal and annual rhythms in radial root expansion across two coexisting mediterranean oak species’, Tree Physiology, https://doi.org/10.1093/treephys/tpaa041;

    Variables measured air temperature
    soil moisture
    soil temperature
    Depths of soil moisture measurements 0.00 - 0.06 m
    0.00 - 0.30 m
    0.10 - 0.10 m
    Soil Moisture sensors used CS650
    ThetaProbe ML2X
    Data availability from 2008-04-03 to 2020-03-25

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