Country USA
    Stations 41
    Organisation Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geoscience
    Contacts Michael H. Young
    Website http://www.beg.utexas.edu/research/programs/txson
    Official References

    Caldwell, T. G., T. Bongiovanni, M. H. Cosh, T. J. Jackson, A. Colliander, C. J. Abolt, R. Casteel, T. Larson, B. R. Scanlon, and M. H. Young (2019), The Texas Soil Observation Network: A comprehensive soil moisture dataset for remote sensing and land surface model validation, Vadose Zone Journal, 18:100034, doi:10.2136/vzj2019.04.0034

    Variables measured soil moisture
    soil temperature
    Depths of soil moisture measurements 0.05 - 0.05 m
    Soil Moisture sensors used CS655
    Data availability from 2014-10-01 to 2022-11-08

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